Please read these terms and conditions carefully before making a booking on our website. These terms apply to all reservations made through the website.


The following definitions apply and are used in our terms and conditions.“Company”, “we”, “us”, and “our” means EXPRESSLANE TAKSIT a company that acts under Finnish law in force and is registered with the Commercial Registry under number 2931168-9.

“Customer” refers to the person who pays for the reservation through our website or app.

“Passengers” refers to all individuals included in the booking, regardless of whether their names are listed.

The “Main Passenger” is the first person named in the booking.

“You” refers to the customer, including any other passengers listed in the booking.

“The transport company” is the professional company that provides the transfer for the customer.

“Booking” means the actual reservation made via our website or our application for the transfer.

“Transfer Service” means any service provided in connection with the carriage of passengers and provided by us, including services provided by us that relate to the transportation in question.

“Transfer confirmation”, “Booking confirmation”, and “Confirmation” is the confirmation you will receive by e-mail after a reservation.

“Agreement” means any reservation made and all terms and conditions that apply to this Booking.
“Conditions” are the general terms and conditions stated here.

“Website”, “Websites”:


We are responsible for transfers and transfer services for both groups and individuals. Our head office is Möylyntie 39, Kemi, Finland. Our transfer services are in compliance with national laws and regulations and to do this, we also have all necessary permits and licenses. In order to make transfers properly, we only use professional drivers. EXPRESSLANE TAKSIT offers transport services for individuals and groups via the website. These terms and conditions must be read and understood by anyone who intends to make a reservation on our website as these conditions apply to each contract.

The person making the reservation automatically declares that the person has read and accepted these terms and conditions. The person who made the reservation gives both his personal agreement and the agreement of the passengers for whom he has the legal capacity to do so. If you have any questions about these conditions, you can always contact our customer service. If for any reason you can not accept these conditions, it is preferable that you do not make reservations through our transportation service.


The person completing the booking process must be at least 18 years old. This person is also responsible for entering the correct data and executing the full payment. The online booking process must be strictly followed. The conclusion of a contract with EXPRESSLANE TAKSIT requires the administrative processing of a certain number of tasks in order to perform our transport services correctly. The validity of the contract only takes effect if you have received “Driver accepts booking” by e-mail.

If the purchased services can not be provided by the transport company, the customer will be informed and then the total amount will be refunded to the customer’s account. After repayment, we no longer have any liability or liability to the customer. The recognition of all notifications sent is a customer’s responsibility. We expect you to recognize each correspondence. If this is not the case, we will consider the data on our mail server as proof of notification. Confirmation of payment is not considered as such as contractual. Minors are also not allowed to use our transportation services without the supervision of an adult.


For payment of Service, all common payment methods are available, including Credit cards and Bank transfers. Our rates always apply in euros. If a currency conversion occurs during the payment or booking, this conversion is not our responsibility. In case the service has not been fully paid, our obligations towards you expire without the possibility of a refund of the amount already paid.



If the booking contains incorrect data, the changes can only be made and implemented by emailing them to sales@expresslane.fiThe modifications must be requested before the actual transfer and are only valid if the transport company has received them correctly and if official confirmation from the transport company has been made by e-mail. If the modification of the data is accompanied by additional costs necessary, these costs are entirely the responsibility of the customer and must be paid before service. At EXPRESSLANE TAKSIT, booking changes can always be made for free before 48 hours. However, the necessary availability of transport must be possible. 5€/change before 24h. When the contract has become legally binding, the Customer is requested to inform our Customer Service of any errors contained therein, not less than 24 hours before the corresponding Transfer Service. If you informed us less than 24 hours prior to the associated transfer service, we may terminate the contract without charge and without refund.


In case a transfer company has made significant changes to the order, we will notify you as soon as possible. We will do our best for the service to be provided in full, but the car can be replaced with a more capacious one or with a different number of cars depending on the order and availability. If there is a need to replace the car with a lower-class one due to unforeseen circumstances, the customer will have the choice to cancel, and the cost of the service will not be recalculated.



Cancellations by the Customer are valid only if they have been sent to our Customer Service by e-mail at Cancellations can be made both for an entire Reservation and for parts of the Booking. For cancellations that take place more than 10 days before the effective takeover, a partial refund of the Reservation in question is applicable. Payment fees(Stripe fee) will not be refunded(5%). For cancellations that take place less than 10 days before the effective assumption, no compensation will be paid. After Cancellation, you will receive an official cancellation confirmation from us.


In very exceptional cases, the reservation will be canceled by EXPRESSLANE TAKSIT. In case of cancellation of a reservation, the total amount will be refunded to the customer. After reimbursement of the amount, the Transportation Company will no longer assume any liability. As a transport company, we will do our best to help you by offering, for example, alternatives for booking.


We always try to be punctual, but we can not guarantee 100% being there at the right time.
The date and time of the meeting should also be indicated while booking. This determines when and at what time the driver needs to arrive at the agreed location. The meeting time is indicated according to the local time.


In some cases, the Customer can not immediately locate the driver of the Transportation Company. In this case, it is the responsibility of the customer to contact our customer service via the number indicated on the booking. If, in this case, no contact is made with our customer service, our obligations to You expire and there will also be no refund of the amount already paid for the transportation service.

In the event that the driver of the Transportation Company can not find you, our customer service will try to contact the Customer on the number that was indicated online during the registration. As a Customer, it is your responsibility to be available on this mobile number. This availability already applies after the actual landing time, before the actual takeover, for example when waiting for luggage or during customs control. If we can not reach you on this mobile number, we can not guarantee your transport and our obligations towards you expire without the possibility of a refund of the amount already paid. In case you are not picked up at the airport, we must receive your call within 15 minutes of your scheduled pickup time.

If the pick-up point is at the airport, the free waiting time is 30 minutes maximum from the requested pick-up time or in case of flight delay the actual landing time of your flight. If you have lost your luggage or if you are restrained, the driver will not be able to wait for you and will respect the free 30-minute waiting time, after that he will be able to leave and no refund will be able to take place. For any other address of care, the wait time is 5 minutes maximum, after that the driver will be able to leave and no refund will be able to be made. Extra waiting time may be available for 10€/10min.


If your flight is delayed or if the flight is diverted to another airport, the Transport Company will do its best to schedule your transfer at the new time. However, the necessary availability of transport must be possible. The delay time of your authorized flight is a maximum of 2 hours. If we do not find anyone to replace the original driver, we will cancel the booking and no refund will be possible.


If your flight is canceled, no postponement can be made, and no refund either. These measures are covered by the general conditions specified by IATA. All calls that reach our customer service are kept by an external company so that they can be used as evidence in case of any disputes. In these cases, this stored data is therefore considered legitimate evidence.
If our transfer services are not used, no refund can be made here without prior warning and approval from us. This also applies to the use of Alternative Transportation Services. If another approved method of transportation is used, the fee will only be refunded if the Customer can provide valid proof of payment. No refund can be made without proof.
Verification of the hours of care is your responsibility. You are also responsible for being present at the agreed time and it is also your responsibility to be present on time at check-in at the airport or train station, for example for airports a minimum of 2 to 3 hours before airports and for train stations 30 minutes before departure time.


When using our Transportation Service, each seat in the vehicle has enough space for at least one bag or suitcase with a maximum size of 158 cm (length + width + height). It’s important to inform us of all your baggage, except for small items that can fit between your legs, during the booking process. If additional vehicles are needed due to unreported baggage, the associated costs will be charged to you.

By accepting our Terms and Conditions, you implicitly agree to not carry any items in your luggage or on your person that violate the laws of the countries in which you are traveling, such as firearms or objects that could cause harm to others. We also do not permit the transportation of extremely large or heavy items, fragile or perishable objects.

You are solely responsible for your luggage and belongings during transportation, and we cannot be held liable for any loss or damage. Therefore, we recommend that you obtain appropriate insurance to cover any potential losses or damages.


We do not guarantee the route to or from the chosen destination. Driver always tries to get our customers as close as possible to the agreed final destination. If unforeseen circumstances such as deviations, road works, accidents, etc. make this impossible, the Transportation Company will, with your approval and at your request, take an alternative route to reach the final destination. Any additional costs for this will be charged to the Customer.

The liability insurance coverage of the Transmission Company or third parties to which the Transmission Company applies covers all requested transfer services. If expressly requested, we always do our best to inform a Customer by SMS. However, for the delivery of SMS messages, we are dependent, for example, on the network. If an SMS does not reach the customer or if an SMS is delayed, it is up to the Customer to use the data sent by e-mail.


In the event of non-compliance with these Terms and Conditions, we shall not be solely liable as a Transportation Company for any loss or damage that may be related to our negligence of these Terms on the basis of evidence. Losses or damages for which we are responsible can not exceed the amount you paid for the transfer. We are in no way responsible for so-called consequential damages or losses that have occurred unexpectedly, or disruptions that can not be directly related to our services. We believe but are not limited to, accidents, administrative requirements, force majeure, and legal restrictions. For any incident occurring during the delivery of our transportation service, we can not be held responsible if any negligence on our part can not be established.

Incidents include, but are not limited to, illness, death, or any physical injury. There is a liability on our part if the incident occurs due to negligence on our part of the fact that, for example, the Transport Service has not been delivered as agreed and specified in the reservation and the Contract that you have concluded with us. If this is the case, however, it is the responsibility of the Client to prove with the necessary proof that we have failed in our services and that because of this negligence we have caused or facilitated the incident such as death or bodily injury. Only then can a claim against us as a transport company is brought.

We are solely responsible for the actions of our employees and Transportation Companies who work for us if they were working for our Transportation Service when they did or if they were performing work on behalf of our Transportation Company. In the event of death or personal injury due to our negligence, nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall limit or exclude our liability. This also applies to all other rights that you, as a Customer, legally own in accordance with applicable law. There can be no question of liability if the Customer in question has entered into a new or another service with the Transportation Company.

We try to ensure the accuracy of our website day after day. However, we can not be held responsible for the 100% accuracy and reliability of the content of our website. Unforeseen circumstances such as viruses, for example, can influence this accuracy. In these cases, we will do our utmost to correct the content as soon as possible where necessary. Unforeseen circumstances that result in changes in the price of our services allow us to terminate a contract with a Customer without having to reimburse the Customer for this.


In the event of force majeure, we are not responsible for the payment of compensation for services that we provide as a Transportation Company and that can not or not fully be provided due to such force majeure. Cases of force majeure or other that do not fall within our judicial power include but are not limited to, illness, war or danger of war, civil war, riot, attacks, sabotage, power outages, floods, earthquakes, fires, occupations, strikes, exclusion of workers, modification of government measures, transportation problems, and other disruptions in our business.


It can always happen that our services offered do not meet your expectations. In this case, we always advise our customers to contact our customer service as soon as possible so that the claim can be handled immediately, preferably at the time or shortly after the claim has taken place. We can not process claims that are reported to our customer service after the actual transfer service has taken place because, in this case, we can no longer correct the complaint or otherwise resolve the complaint. A complaint can always be submitted via the contact details you can find on the voucher for your transfer service. Claims submitted by e-mail must be submitted within 7 days of your return date. Complaints about our customer service or problems related to our online booking can be reported via the same email address.


The copyright, trademark, and other intellectual property rights of our website and our company are strictly related to the Company and enjoy the protection that applies to the protection of intellectual property by national laws and regulations and International. The content of our website may only be used for booking transfers related to our Transportation Company. Without express permission, it is prohibited at any time to publish, duplicate, or use and display this content, in whole or in part. It is therefore strictly forbidden to use the content of our website or our website for any purpose illegally.

The entire content of this site belongs to EXPRESSLANE TAKSIT and is protected by applicable national and international industrial and intellectual property rights. Only with the express written permission of EXPRESSLANE TAKSIT the content of the website as well as the databases and other elements related to the site be used by third parties for commercial purposes. Any other use is prohibited and punishable. Prohibitions include but are not limited to The resale of the services offered on the site via another website or the illegal distribution of the content of the site for commercial purposes as an objective. These include, among other things, web-tracking techniques that are used to gain illegal access to the content of a website. Other illegal businesses such as “deeplinking” and “framing” and/or the illegal exploitation of all the contents mentioned on and all business related to

These Terms and Conditions apply under Finnish law in force. The contract between you and the Company as a Customer is governed by the applicable Finnish and international laws. Any dispute is within the jurisdiction of and will be challenged in the Finnish courts. The invalidity or unenforceability of any provision in these Terms and Conditions does not affect the validity or enforceability of any other provision in these Terms and Conditions, which will remain valid.